Your Past Is Your Wisdom

Published 18 days ago • 1 min read

Your past has a story to tell and wisdom to gift you.

So many parents find themselves avoiding looking into their childhood experiences because they're scared that what they'll find could throw off their entire life.

You know what I mean: a life on the brink of burnout to provide for your family because your little ones need you.

A life of juggling so many responsibilities which leaves you exhausted every night.

Challenging moments with your children bringing you back to those moments in your own life where you may have felt rejected, uncomfortable or even neglected. And now you're committed to not making the same mistakes you felt in your own childhood.

Your past holds keys to your healing.

And it doesn't have to be a painful process to start getting curious and getting to know your own inner child, which is some of the oldest, most wise parts of your inner world.

In Creative Intimacy, we will take 5 weeks to explore your inner child so that you can begin to experience your past not as a burden but as a treasure trove of wisdom you can share with your children.

Through connecting more deeply with yourself, you will find yourself in fewer power struggles with your young ones and more genuine connection.

We start Saturday, June 8th. See you there.

oceans of love,

P.S. Your past has a story to tell. Creative Intimacy help you listen and transform that story into a powerful source of wisdom and inspiration for both you and your children. Enroll now and begin your journey towards a more conscious and creative parenting experience.

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