Transform Your Parenting Journey Through Art-Making

Published 26 days ago • 1 min read

Don't repeat the mistakes of your childhood.

As parents, you carry within you the echoes of your childhood experiences — from cherished and meaningful moments, to the mistakes your own parents made that you’ve told yourself countless times you will never repeat with your own kids. Easier said than done.

Delving into the realm of inner child work offers a profound opportunity to break free from generational patterns, to heal past wounds, and cultivate deeper connections with yourself and in turn, your children.

Deepen your inner world and become a more conscious parental leader through community, conversation and creative practices.

Live Virtual Sessions Saturdays June 8 - July 6, 2024

Imagine moving through parenting more connected and confident to who you truly are. It starts with your yes to your self. And then, we can go there and lend one another creative courage…. together.

Are you ready to explore and grow your relationship with your creativity to become a more connected parent?

always with oceans of love,

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