My TEDx Talk is Live!

Published over 2 years ago • 1 min read

Dearest creative beings,

A quick drop into your inboxes this morning to share some amazing news:

My TEDx Talk is LIVE!

Reclaim Your Creativity in a Time of Capitalism:


I would be so grateful if you took the time to watch the video, like and comment on it as well! Click here to watch the video on YouTube and / or​

And of course, if you know someone who needs to remember their path inward toward their creativity and that you think would benefit from doing to exercise in this talk, please to send it their way as well.

I'll be sharing more stories about the process of stepping into becoming a TEDx speaker over on my Instagram, so I do hope you join me there.

in gratitude, peace and creative power,


PS. You know I couldn't leave without dropping some music! Please revel in the message of Grupo Niche's A Prueba de Fuego. May our inner and outer revolutions include art, music, prose and most of all... love, peace and creative power 🎶

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